Mystical Riddles: Ghostly Park Collector’s Edition

Dark Spirits have awoken - Will you be able to halt them - Find out in Mystical Riddles - Ghostly Park Collector's Edition

The deaths of people in odd circumstances will be looked into by you. A once-fun and laughter-filled environment now horrifies its visitors. The Amusement Park is rumored to be haunted, but is there any proof? Then, you, Allison, will be discovered by a woman. Aid in determining what happened to her beloved sister will be requested. Could she also be a victim of the ghosts? The labyrinth of mysteries will be unraveled by you, and the puzzle will be fit together. The demonic spirits are on the loose! Darkness is descending on the city, and only you can stop it! The dark side will not be able to consume you; remember that you have the fate of many restless souls in your hands!


  • The cases lurking in an abandoned amusement park will be investigated by you!
  • A cleaning ritual will be performed, and the Soul Collector will not be allowed to gather a gory harvest!
  • Clues will be looked for, and puzzles will be solved to go forward!
  • In a bonus chapter, a cult that isn't scared to sacrifice humans will be discovered!
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