Hidden Object Secrets: Family Revenge CE

Retaliate after years of commitment!

A heartbroken wife of a businessman seeks your help in locating her husband, a successful entrepreneur. After she opens the couple's private life to you, you delve into their "dirty laundry." Has enigmatic Mr. Jack Jordan embarked on an impromptu business trip, or does a darker side lurk beneath his polished facade and considerable wealth? Every piece of evidence points to his involvement in illicit activities concerning his staff.




Track down the missing man and bring him home!

Consider obtaining family therapy training soon, and uncover the surprising truths awaiting you by following the red thread on the detective board!

Discover a fantastic range of places and savor each one's own vibe!

A variety of captivating riddles is sure to keep everyone engaged!

Finish the main game to access the bonus chapter and ensure all culprits are brought to justice!

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