Unsolved Case: The Scarlet Hyacinth Collector’s Edition

Many atrocities are taking place just in front of your eyes - Can you take it - Learn more under Unsolved Case: CE Scarlet Hyacinth

It's up to you to make a choice! Numerous crimes are happening right in front of your eyes, such as an alleyway murder, your boss being shot, broad daylight kidnappings, etc. Are you able to manage it all? A gripping detective series jam-packed with enigmas and riddles awaits you! You and your partner, Scott, have a ton of work to do. A red hyacinth, the mark of a notorious serial killer from many years ago, was discovered on the body of a deceased man. When you find out that your psychologist, Mark Coleman, was involved, he kills your employer, Xavier. You have to lock him up immediately, but there's another urgent matter at hand: individuals are going missing from their cars. Then came the assassination of journalist Noah Hall, who rose to fame for his coverage of the Red Hyacinth. All of a sudden, you'll be able to see things from Mark's point of view and you might even feel sorry for him. Are you able to stop this criminal trend? Are you ready to put your keen detective abilities to use on that? Give it a try now! Test your investigative skills in this thrilling new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!





- You make the decisions!
- You can select the character's words for a specific action, which will impact the mystery detective story's plot.
- Lots of different accomplishments! -Perform independent research by completing difficult puzzles, solving riddles, and engaging in a variety of mini-games.
- Additional materials!
- Gather all the evidence, apprehend the offenders, and successfully conclude the cases to unlock the bonus areas, which will disclose some intriguing character information.
- Antique goods!
- The player must locate a variety of hints and enigmatic items in a brand-new, thrilling collection of detective stories to move forward with the investigation!

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