Connected Hearts: Cost of Beauty Collector’s Edition

Adventure anew with enchanting tales told in Connected Hearts: Cost of Beauty CE!

Cindy, who was left orphaned, must adjust to her low status in the household while living with her stepmother and stepsister and lamenting the death of her father. But one day, a single overheard conversation alters everything. Cindy learns that her stepmother, Rachel, has been concealing the fact that her father is still alive! In this renowned story of love and redemption, help Cindy uncover the truth about her past and realize her full potential for the future!




- The exclusive additional chapter will help true love be preserved!

- Stunning wallpapers are obtained to fully appreciate the splendour of genuine love!

- The journey home is taken with this unique music player!

- The creative process is explored with this amazing assortment of concept art!

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