Maze of Realities: Ride in the Sky Collector’s Edition

Uncover a professor's disappearance in Maze of Realities: Ride in the Sky Collector's Edition

It would be seriously erroneous to believe that the seven wonders of the world are the only things in the universe! To verify such, one need only visit the Abu Gorab temple in Egypt. No, the antiquated sandy ruins are not discussed! Instead, it's about what the archaeologists found out at that far-off place and what became of them. People at the excavation site have started to inexplicably vanish one by one. Do you know where they could have gone? If not, you will need to come up with something while traveling! An impromptu trip for work must be taken to locate these unfortunate people, wherever they may be. The mystery is uncovered and lives are saved throughout the realms in this Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure.


Collector's Edition Features


- Pretend to be an interdimensional doctor in the special bonus chapter!

- Bonus materials with a fantasy theme are savoured, and more collectible goodies are kept an eye out for!

- Challenging minigames and puzzles are played to unlock new achievements!

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