Hidden Object Chronicles – Poisoned Truth CE

A Lavish dinner turns deadly at rich host's mansion in Hidden Object Chronicles - Poisoned Truth CE

A pleasant family gathering was expected by Mark Mendelson, yet what ensued was a fatal dose of champagne. The task of locating the killer falls upon you, and failure is not an option!


Dive into family dynamics and unravel the mysteries of the affluent Mendelson dynasty. Who will inherit the fortune? With whom did the family patriarch quarrel just hours before his untimely demise? These questions must be answered as the culprit is brought to justice!




- Solve challenging yet addictive puzzles, rewarded with rationales and clues.

- Extract the truth from suspects.

- Engage in a unique additional chapter, unveiling another mystery within the family.

- Enjoy an investigation procedure devoid of the usual bureaucratic distractions!

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