Christmas Fables – The Magic Snowflake CE

Witness miracle workers cast a spell!

During the holidays, Santa's Toy Factory is overflowing (as it does every year, so get used to it). A sick day has been refused by one of the elves, determined to disappoint his colleagues (imagine that—elves getting colds). Consequently, a ten-year-old child who is carrying a very (very!) dangerous relic in his small, adorable hands is now wandering the city streets, agitated. You might wonder, though, what a common illness and an imminent disaster have to do with one another. That should remain confidential between you and the previously mentioned elf! Above all, please keep it a secret from Santa!




- Are you feeling down? Embrace the joy of Christmas by following the tinkling of the bells!

- Access to the extra chapter and a journey back in time to your favorite childhood Christmas are granted upon completion of the main story!

- Unlock a number of achievements by completing challenging puzzles and enjoyable minigames!

- Interesting memorabilia and bonus material in this series should be watched out for!

- Difficult decisions can be made to change people's course and preserve Christmas!

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