Hidden Object Secrets: The Whitefield Murder CE

Is the Eye Society up to something or is it more complicated - Find out in Hidden Object Secrets: The Whitefield Murder Collector's Edition.

You'll have to look into an enigmatic murder in a peaceful part of a normal city. The murderer managed to flee the scene, but there are no unresolved crimes, just as there are no uncaught criminals! To discover the truth, you will gather evidence and interview witnesses. Is the Eye Society involved in this murder?. Who exactly was the murdered man, and what was he doing? What secrets of corruption and falsehoods can you unearth with four suspects? All of this will be revealed in the upcoming episode of Hidden Object Secrets.



  • Enjoy the themed art and music!
  • Solve the case and shed light on the mysterious occurrences of that fateful night!
  • Solve riddles to advance!
  • It's up to you to bring justice!
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