Lots of Things 2 – Collector’s Edition

Begin your quest and set out to seek hidden objects with Lots of Things 2 - Collector's Edition

The most amazing corners of the world and national parks of America will be visited by you. Certain peaks of mountains, African savannahs, and much more will be explored by you.

New game modes have been developed for you, of course! Puzzles will be solved, hidden objects will be sought - the fun has already begun! A new way of searching for objects will be offered by this game, along with a large number of enjoyable mini-games!

Collector's Edition Features:

  • Fifteen more levels with various modes will be included!
  • Five minigames will be incorporated.
  • Beautiful desktop wallpapers will be provided.
  • A music player will be included.
  • Four collectible puzzles that can be unlocked as the game continues will be available!
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