Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 5 Collector’s Edition

It's time for Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 5 CE to go on another adventure.

The fifth game in the series is Big Adventure: Trip to Europe. The new section contains a plethora of intriguing new mini-games as well as exciting new ways to find stuff.On this thrilling journey, you will be able to explore 30 magnificent spots and tourist attractions. Swim at Rafailovici, a Montenegrin resort, tour Luxembourg's charming city and the Port Aventura amusement park, and visit a number of wonderful museums, including one dedicated to musical instruments. Visit the famous Stonehenge and enjoy some jazz music at a festival.You can visit both fresh and well-known tourist locations in this hidden object game. To win, you must utilize your knowledge and skills to traverse the mini-games and locate every object in the game.



- Visit 8 other places for even more attractions and a witty raccoon.
- A total of 8 new mini-games, plus 12 more for puzzle aficionados.
- Lovely desktop backgrounds.
- A music player.
- Album with one-of-a-kind postal stamps.
- 20 wonderful souvenirs from the trip.
- The page of accomplishments.

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