Detective Agency: Grey Tie 2 – Collector’s Edition

Work out the puzzles and investigate the robbery of a famous picture.

The Collector's Edition of Detective Agency: Grey Tie 2 features gorgeous settings, a ton of interesting object search techniques, and brand-new minigames. In this intriguing detective story, you will help investigators find a stolen photo and solve the crime. Amanda and her assistant, both seasoned investigators, take on the case. You will encounter an artist named Jovanni Rosen when you arrive in France, and he will beg you to find his masterpiece. You'll discover several hidden places during your trip. You could run into some unexpected consequences when chasing the robber. Once you enter the black market, you'll find a number of interesting devices made just for criminals. Follow the offender step-by-step to fall into the clever trap he has laid for you!



- Eight additional places with tons of stuff to discover!
- There are 8 more minigames to complete!
- Downloadable desktop images!
- Play the movie's soundtrack!
- Expand your collection of convincing proof!There are 12 additional minigames for the gamers among you!

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