Big Adventure: Trip to Europe Collector’s Edition – On Sale

Are you ready to explore 24 cities on a trip to Europe with Big Adventure - Trip to Europe Collector's Edition

The 1st game in a fresh new series, Big Adventure: Trip to Europe, invites you to embark on Europe's largest tour. This journey encompasses stops in 10 countries and 24 cities, promising exploration of historic castles, natural wonders, charming city streets, museums, and various architectural structures.

In Italy, alleys of Piedmont await your exploration, along with views of the Trevi Fountain and the Castel Nuovo palace. Greece offers the awe-inspiring Meteora monasteries, the Athens National Museum, and the Acropolis. Meanwhile, Spain beckons with sights like the Algar Waterfalls and the Alcantara Bridge.

Throughout your journey, you'll experience diverse modes of travel, from ferry rides over the Mediterranean Sea to flights over three seas by aircraft. You'll even ascend to Germany in a hot air balloon and luxuriate in a train journey to France.

Awaiting discovery in Big Adventure: Trip to Europe are numerous scenes featuring exciting object searches and engaging minigames.



  • Europe sightseeing tour
  • Visit 10 countries and 24 cities
  • Discover over 900 hidden objects
  • Interactive map for replayability
  • Find bonus raccoons
  • Engage in challenging and interesting minigames
  • Enjoy realistic graphics
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