Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 3 CE

Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 3 CE allows you to tour ten European nations.

Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 3 is the third game in the Big Adventure series. It's a new game with a new fascinating manner of hunting for items as well as a slew of new engaging mini-games. The vacation is fantastic; it takes you to 30 different tourist destinations across ten countries. You will see the Bullring in Seville, walk through the vineyards of La Rioja, see the ancient lighthouse in San Sebastian, Spain, and the Senlis Theme Park in France. You will walk through many national parks, tour Venice, experience European music culture, visit a magnificent casino in Monaco, two interesting museums, a historic castle, and much more.



Collector's Edition Features:


- 8 extra areas where you can locate even more goodies and a cute raccoon!
- 8 brand-new mini-games
- Lovely desktop wallpapers
- Audio Player

- An album containing unique postage stamps

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255 MB

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