Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 6 Collector’s Edition

Experience European holidays in Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 6 CE!

An exciting Christmas adventure across the snow-covered nations of Europe is offered by our game "Big Adventure: Trip to Europe 6 Collector's Edition". While playing, fun minigames can be tried, hidden objects can be located in historical locations across Europe and Scandinavia, and souvenirs can be gathered. The sixth instalment of the "Big Adventure: Trip to Europe" game series is finally available. Numerous intriguing mini-games and brand-new, entertaining techniques to locate things are offered.


Thirty stunning locations and popular tourist destinations can be seen on this thrilling journey. Thirty new locations throughout Europe can be explored on this amazing journey. Wander through Berlin's Christmas market, pay a visit to Santa Claus in Finland, cross the Charles Bridge in Prague, and see a variety of wintry Christmas destinations. A variety of both new and well-known tourist destinations can be explored in this hidden object game. Abilities and focus must be used to solve the minigames and locate all of the hidden objects to finish this game.




- Eight more spots: traveling over Europe in quest of our raccoon companion!

- For puzzle fans, an additional 12 minigames in addition to 8 new ones

- Vibrant desktop backgrounds

- A music player

- An album featuring unique postage stamps

- Twenty Christmas souvenirs from the trip

- The achievements section.

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