Wave of Time

Travel through time on Earth and an enigmatic planet

Your aunt Miranda is no longer with you, and her picture slowly starts to fade from all of the pictures. To solve this mystery, you visit your aunt's home with your friend Mike. You'll be able to timely open a portal there. We'll transport you to Italy in 1468. You'll unintentionally leave a modern physics textbook there. You will discover that the world has altered when you return. Your textbook ended up in the hands of Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance master. You will visit a planet where humans have formed a colony and discover what happened to the people who once lived on Earth. You'll defend Mike from a crazy woman while facing dinosaurs. Can you locate your aunt, save Mike, and make everything right again?





- Stunning views of ancient Italy, Earth following the catastrophe, and an enigmatic planet
- Unusual hidden object gameplay
- Replayable mini-games
- Hours of adventure, hidden object gameplay, and mini puzzles

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