Legacy: Witch Island

The best allies you have when an innocent hot air balloon journey goes wrong are curiosity and inventiveness!

After a mistaken hot air balloon flight, you find yourself on an enigmatic island. In the fascinating and engrossing hidden object adventure Legacy: Witch Island, images from the past come to life and you have to save your companion Peter. Secrets from the family's past are kept within the mirror that you inherited from your grandmother. You've been transported to an unidentified island in your dreams, where there is a dread. And now here you are, disoriented yet eerily recognizable. You are aware that in order to save your friend and yourself, you must unravel the mystery and set the past free. You'll succeed because of the astute raccoon and other supportive characters along the way.





- Play vibrant and enjoyable mini-game challenges
- Choose your own route through the story.
- Enjoy endless replay of the mini-games once they appear in the story
- Search exquisitely detailed scenes of intriguing objects

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