Play this arcade puzzle game to destroy scoutbots!

One happy youngster will be able to solve riddles and convey her joy to the other residents with your assistance, but one balloon will not do... in this adventure game, you must solve puzzles to distribute balloons and spread happiness! In order to deliver balloons and smiles to everyone, navigate the city's streets, factories, and sewers using your cunning, your surroundings, and of course, your balloons! But how are balloons going to save a whole city? You see, the balloons you manipulate aren't your typical balloons. They can be used to fly away, bind things together, and devastate the ecosystem! To accomplish your mission of restoring happiness to the city, you will need to employ all of these strategies in addition to others. But take caution risks abound in this violent metropolis, and balloons are as brittle as they come. Your balloons may explode due to sharp, dangerous gear if they don't fly away. Treat with caution!

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