Legacy – Witch Island 2

To unravel the mystery surrounding the witch on the mysterious island, complete tasks and thrilling puzzles.

You return to the unidentified island when your yacht becomes caught in a gale. The crocodile that you have as a toy comes to life and joins you on this adventure. You learn that the witch has her abilities back. The girl and the miller will be saved by you. You're going to learn that a prince needs to wed the most gorgeous girl in the realm in order to vanquish the witch. Too awful! The girl's beauty was stolen by the witch. And the prince is fast sleeping. He can only be awakened by the fairy queen's unique powder. However, the aquarium's microworld is home to the fairy queen. You have to shrink in order to get there. However, once you've lost track of the fairy queen, there's no turning back! The stunning scenery of Mystery Island is one of its features. The utilization of hog-scenes in an unconventional way. Multiple Logic minigames. You can choose not to do the object search. The storyline is intended for five to six hours of gameplay.

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