Crazy Balls

Collect balls that are the same color to solve a variety of minigames and riddles!

Large and vibrant, Crazy Balls is a match-3 game with many different game modes. Put the missing pieces of the puzzle together in classic mode, engage in car races, sink enemy ships, destroy vicious sea creatures, avoid falling stones by detonating bombs and firing lightning bolts, halt chemical reactions, or solve positional and logical puzzles by gathering balls of the same color. You can enjoy the game in Relax mode or without any time restrictions. Get as many as 35 awards.





-15 different game modes

-A maximum of 35 successes

-60 levels in the traditional mode

-A vibrant game with eye-catching animation

- Nine to ten hours of gameplay

-A lot of match-3 style minigames that test your reflexes and reasoning

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50 MB

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