Watchmaker’s World Solitaire

Time-travel Solitaire in a colorful metropolis!

Joshua, a regular office worker, could never have imagined anything so remarkable! Sometimes a single, modest step will do...Joshua was just a regular guy whose life consisted of going to work and staying home. However, his entire world abruptly changed one day! He found himself in a strange and vibrant city in a fantastical setting, where he was destined to fall in love and have his entire existence turned upside down. Finish 200 card patterns at every level of complexity to assist Joshua in figuring out how to solve the mystery of an amazing watchmaker so he can return home!




- An everyday man's story!

- An intriguing tale and a unique solitaire game!

- Atmospheric levels featuring amazing backdrops!

- Fun and easy-to-use gameplay!

- Bonuses can be received by making the most combinations!

- Tons of in-game aids and bonuses!

- The mystery of an exceptional watchmaker can be uncovered!

- 200 amazing card designs!

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