Solitaire – Dragon Light

Aid with the dragon's recovery!
To save the dragon king, learn the art of card magic!

The dragon king is very ill, and dark times have come. In a desperate attempt to find a solution, his conceited and immature son has set off on his own. He met a female who had chosen to assist him along the path. Can she really pull it off? Everything is reliant upon you. There will be a variety of puzzles, hidden object games, and solitaire games along with a ton of bonuses and in-game assistance. In addition, there are 160 lovely card patterns and five enchanted realms. To finish this amazing game, gather precious cards, open locks, cut through vines and chains, smash stones, and put out fires! To finish tasks, use the Joker and other magical skills! Discover more about your favourite characters, their backstories, and their secrets. Travel back in time to the Middle Ages and witness the houses of fairies, dragons, elves, sorcerers, and other supernatural beings.





- Captivating narrative and personas!
- Combination of riddles, hidden objects, and solitaire games!
- Playing that is both clear and engaging!
- Mini-games that are entertaining over and over again!
- There are numerous different bonuses and aids in the game!
- Fifty-six vibrant planets and one hundred and sixty remarkable card deals!
- Magnificent graphics and pleasant background sounds!
- Finish tasks to earn vibrant trophies, prizes, and artifacts!
- Strive to conquer different challenges!

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