Adventure mosaics – Small Islanders

Experiment Mosaics.
Small Islanders: Show off the photos that are concealed!

A young girl scout attempted to reach her camp on another island, but her flimsy tiny ship capsized near some deserted islets. She needs to make her way back home after barely making it to the beach. But her assignment proved to be considerably more tough than she had anticipated! Our youthful scout ended up in a strange land! She can, however, tackle the perilous islands and try to find her camp with the help of you and the island guardians - Monkey, Fennec Fox, Bear, and Parrot. A fantastic blend of 200 colorful nonograms of varying difficulty, an enchanting plot, and magical music to help you pass the time! Solving nonograms will help you improve your puzzle skills. Complete challenges, solve puzzles, and assist a young girl on her return to scout camp!





- 200 vibrant levels that you won't soon forget!

- Awe-inspiring visual effects!

- Gather things!

- An enthralling plot!

- Beautiful artwork painted in the greatest summer colors!

- Excellent logical and abstract reasoning challenges!

- Simple to learn, difficult to master!

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