Dreams Keeper Solitaire

A dream-dimension version of the classic solitaire set!
Have fun with Dream Keeper Solitaire.

Nightmares have invaded the dreams of children. Help the protagonist destroy the nightmares, selecting abilities to suit the circumstances! The hero needs you to succeed! Help him pick a disguise to fit every world! Collect clothing as you solve puzzles! Complete 200 levels of all difficulty levels, get rid of the nightmares, learn more about the children you're saving, accomplish every goal, and make your choice! Classic Solitaire set in the dream dimension! Enjoy Dreams Keeper Solitaire





- Rescue characters from their nightmares!
- Dress your character however you like!
- Clear and engaging gameplay!
- Choose your own abilities!
- Plenty of different bonuses and in-game helpers!
- 5 bright dreams and 200 fantastic card patterns!
- Complete challenges for more clothing!
- Challenge yourself through different obstacles!

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