Detective notes – Lighthouse Mystery Solitaire

Handle a perplexing case!
Detective Notes - Mystery Solitaire Lighthouse

In order to achieve their goals, Mark and his sister Lily made the decision to leave their hometown. It is then revealed to them that their father has vanished. After learning of the news, they quickly return home and, with the aid of a detective, begin their father's hunt. They will discover during their research that their father's disappearance is just the beginning. Someone tries to mislead them as they dive deeper into the mystery. Too many people are suspicious and leads grow tangled. To discover their father, the heroes and the detective will need to pursue down the criminal's trail. However, that's not all. Finish 200 solitaire layouts with differing levels of difficulty, hunt for hints in 20 hidden object levels, unearth long-forgotten tales, and solve the enigmatic murder!





- A mystery around a disappearance and an exciting investigation!
- A combination of hidden object and solitaire games!
- An entertaining game that's easy to pick up!
- Gorgeous scenes with hidden objects!
- In-game assistance and boosts! Two hundred amazing card plays!
- Finish tasks to get prizes and trophies! Overcome challenges by taking on barriers!

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