Spooky Dwellers Collector’s Edition

There are eerie people living in Grandma's house!
Employ the charm to drive out the unsettling occupants!

Ghostly occupants lurk in every corner of Grandma's house, muttering about their long-forgotten sorrows. Luckily, I have Grandma's light talismans, a precious family treasure, to guard. The talismans release a holy light that drives away the unsettling occupants. The occupants deftly conceal themselves from the light behind a variety of barriers. We'll need to smash pumpkins, mow the lawn, open doors, reroute the talismans, and eventually let light in order to drive the eerie occupants out! In addition, we're going to deck up the house's terrace for Halloween and celebrate our accomplishments there as our adventure goes on! Seize total control of the talisman's illumination and drive out its ghostly occupants!





- Ninety Match 3 levels.
- Minigames with hidden objects.
- Minigames with puzzles and memory.
- Match 3 challenges that will make your brain hurt.
- Get more coins by collecting trophies.
- Prepare The Terrace for a Halloween celebration.



Collector's Edition Features:


- 60 extra Match 3 levels. Images for wallpapers.
- Additional artwork and narratives.
- Extra Puzzles and Hidden Objects.
- A minigame called Higher or Lower.
- A minigame called Coin Collector.
- Unique products are only available at The Terrace.
- Additional settings available for Match 3 stages.

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