DragonScales 7

Take the Avenger on a mission of justice by facing vicious opponents!

A swarm of monsters is being repelled from the realm by a band of fabled heroes. Though victory appeared attainable, the arrival of treachery and its ominous flames caused matters to worsen. This is the story of the Avenger's journey to bring justice to a world full of dangerous enemies, logical fallacies, deceptive imagery, and other difficulties. The Avenger must become proficient in arts and magic spells in order to win these fierce battles. Hope is in your new dragonic heart. To defeat all of these vicious foes and the succession of challenging boards, your cunning mind will need to come up with cunning plans. These challenges include new DragonScales obstacles like getting to a warp cell, using special items to shatter an enemy's shield, solving riddles depending on the board's gravity, and many more. a voyage of intelligence and skill. A fresh journey is in store! One of the features is that there are 105 new levels. Novel arts and occult spells. Battles based on turns. Construct the village of the Avenger. To raise the Avenger's status, level up and collect stars. Innovative and diverse gaming obstacles.

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