Dragonscales 5

Zarya picks up her trek to the Frozen Tomband and encounters more challenges in her quest to become a skilled warrior.

Pay attention to the Sacred Dragon's call! Zarya decides to continue her trip after deciding to free the Sacred Dragon, which has been imprisoned in the frozen tomb known as The Frozen Tomb for ages. She will battle her way through many animals, encounter new (and strange) individuals, solve puzzles, get power-ups, and develop into an expert warrior! It will be a lengthy adventure filled with numerous gameplay innovations, numerous fights, and additional missions that will culminate in the most comprehensive and seductive DragonScales game to date!





- 200 additional levels. A fresh take on gaming mechanics.
-  Twelve tasks to earn more goods and money.
- Unlock quests by gathering up to 65 stars.

- A brand-new arrow-based combat system.

- Tracking accomplishments and statistics.

- A Colosseum with twenty battles.

- Up to sixteen magical cards that can be unlocked and refilled through the new Dragonphant bar or the in-game store.
- Boost Zarya's stature with more powerful weaponry and protective gear.
- Touchscreen computers have a special control mode. A longer narrative arc.

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