Dragon Scales 4

A fresh adventure featuring magic tile matching and dragon scales!

Once more, the Gravity Kingdom is under siege! DragonScales is back, featuring 180 brand-new brain-fitness-focused levels. This series' instalment adds new gameplay elements like single-click boards and looping cells, along with fresh difficulties. Go on a brand-new journey by gathering all the stars, figuring out challenging puzzles, using strategy, and earning all the accolades!





- 180 brand-new levels.
- Numerous obstacles, including flooded boards, looping cells, chasing scales, gravity boards, classic combos, and difficult puzzles. Accumulate eighty stars. Discovering which stars are secret will be your task.

- A new Skip Level button that lets you carry on with your journey if a level proves to be too challenging. Currently, DragonScales enables players to obtain achievements to monitor their dexterity and provide replay value.
- Appealing gameplay for both casual and expert gamers. Play in a leisurely manner or attempt to break the records for each level!

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