DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon

A Distinct Match-3 Encounter in DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon!

The forces of darkness, led by a malevolent sorceress, are utilizing the powers of the bloodstained moon to seize control of the planet. Luckily, Princess Claudine has called upon an incredible ally YOU! Playing scales on a board to create matching threes of the same color is the goal of DragonScales 2. Easy to pick up! You can perform a variety of strategic actions in this game, such as gathering scales, releasing magical runes, casting special powers, activating switches to change the boards, detonating bombs, and much more! But exercise caution! Along the way, you'll also have to engage in one-on-one rampant match-3 tactical fights against a number of terrible bosses! More than 150 enjoyable, easy, and intelligent play sessions await you with DragonScales 2, an inventive game.




- Simple to understand yet difficult
- 150 new levels featuring new game mechanics
- HD Graphics
- Take on formidable bosses in the new Battle Mode
- Three game modes to select from

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