DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption

In the decisive battle, Zarya and the rebels are prepared to oppose the Dark Empress!

Zarya and her companions are prepared for the decisive conflict! With much anticipation, the Dark Empress is ready to devour them all! Zarya intends to unleash Ribeus's might after taming him in order to take on the ruthless Gravity Kingdom ruler, the Dark Empress. Zarya's journey begins! She might even fall in love this time. However, she must dispel the loneliness that accompanies her heart. There are brand-new difficulties in DragonScales 6: use the new power-up system, solve riddles by changing the board's gravity, eliminate the Empress' henchmen, and collect keys to open doors! Zarya will face off against a lineup of adversaries for the first time in DragonScales. Will Zarya and the rebels she backs be able to end the Dark Empress's terrifying reign? This is the last-round match! One of the features is that there are 130 new levels. Interesting and entertaining game modes. Revamped combat situations. A brand-new power-up mechanism. The Royal and The Pit were two of the advanced quests. The tale arch of Zarya comes to an end.

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