Spirits Chronicles: Flower of Hope Collector’s Edition

There is peril for the inhabitants of Lorelai.
Can you assist them in overcoming the danger?

There is a sickness plaguing the creatures of Lorelai that is currently unknown! The townsfolk are terrified as the familiars, who were previously quiet and obedient, suddenly attack their owners! A choice can only be made by an expert in animal behaviour. In an attempt to address the situation and save the poor animals, you journey to the town, but you quickly learn that the illness is just the start of the troubles. Who is in charge of this horrible deed? Why does the villain prefer to inflict suffering on animals? So many questions remain unsolved. Discover the truth while handling difficult problems, teaching hostile animals, and solving puzzles. Test your cunning as you go through an incredible detective thriller in this thrilling new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure.





- Refer to your trustworthy bestiary to tame fierce creatures.
- Look around to discover lots of interesting things.
- Over 25 captivating riddles await solution.
- In the Bonus Chapter, the neighbourhood is experiencing chaos due to flames, and the Fiery Flower has vanished.
- Track down the thief and give the flower back!

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