Criminal Archives: City on Fire Collector’s Edition

Your level of expertise as a crime reporter is unmatched in solving a string of strange fatalities!

Authorities in San Francisco are puzzled by a string of strange deaths that only a crime writer of your caliber can shed light on. A masked criminal known as the Plague Doctor is destroying structures throughout the city with fire in the name of justice. However, it's still unclear who it is and why. You and your friend will enter a world of deceit, corruption, and lies for your most captivating narrative to yet. Before the city goes down, can you identify the person wearing the mask and put an end to him? You'll discover in this captivating Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!





- In the bonus chapter, solve the enigmatic murder!
- Relive your best minigames and HOPs to unlock achievements!

- Gather burned buildings, media clippings, and tokens to adorn the Plague Doctor's office!

- Take advantage of special concept art, music, movies, and wallpapers!

- Avoid getting lost by using the strategy guide!

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