Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector’s Edition

Is it possible for a vampire and a regular female to date?

Enron and Emily aspire to be together and are in love. Enron is concealing a horrifying secret, though: he is Dracula's son. And Emily is abducted precisely when Enron wants to tell her the complete truth about himself. Her whereabouts are unknown. All indications point to her being taken against her will from her apartment, nevertheless. A small girl's ghost informs Emily that she must act quickly to be saved as Emily awakens in a dark room filled with coffins. Therefore, Emily and Enron need to find each other quickly. Will their reunion be possible? To assist them do this, you must play Dark Romance: Vampire In Love Collector's Edition.





-Discover who kidnapped Emily!
-You can play as both Emily and Enron, the protagonists, at the same time.
-There are also re-playable secret sequences and mini-games.
-Achievements, a zoo, and a shop.

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