Word of the Law: Death Mask Collectors Edition

A lunatic turns his enemies into sculptures in an attempt to exact revenge.
Will you interfere with his display?

As an F.B.I.S.K. detective, you investigate particularly horrific crimes committed by serial killers. A police officer named Audrey Parker tells you that there is a serial killer in the city; recently, many corpses covered in plaster were found; they were all shaped like sculptures. The primary suspect is Chad Hill, whose sculpture gallery was set on fire. The details of the arson are being withheld since it has connections to the local government and, naturally, money. Now he wants to exact revenge. Will you succeed in stopping Chad and ending the string of murders carried out as payback, or will you fall short?





- Investigate the governor's kidnapping in the Bonus Chapter!
- Locate every collectible to discover more about the field of detective investigation!
- Gain additional achievements by figuring out fun minigames and puzzles!
- Take advantage of exclusive content, including concept art, wallpapers, and music!

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