Royal Legends: Marshes Curse Collectors Edition

The locals have disappeared. People are certain that witchcraft is at play.
Who is going to stop her now?

Twenty years ago, an unexplained fog kidnapped your brother and several other children while they were playing hide-and-seek in the town of Greystone. The only person who made it out alive was you. Your father vanished when he looked for your brother. Now that you have confirmation, you know your father has been alive the entire time and is still searching for the children who went missing. But why would he remain silent for so long? And why was it that he was so keen that you avoid Greystone? You head out immediately to find the solutions. But are you prepared for what lies beyond the mysterious mists ahead of you? Find out by playing this spooky Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! There are numerous exclusive bonuses included in this special Collector's Edition release that aren't found in the standard edition.





- A bonus game where you have to discover happiness for Angela
- Finishing your own collection scene!
- There is a Strategy Guide available.
- Extra mini-games and attractions

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