Spirits Chronicles: Born in Flames CE

Avert the dreadful Spirit of Ice and Cold from turning Wintersea into a frozen wasteland!

Wintersea, the northern realm, was home to the People and the Spirit of Fire. His flame warmed everything, and humans cared for his fiery beasts in return. But one day, the people were suddenly abandoned by the Spirit of Fire and all of his attendants, who then vanished into the Heavenly Mountains. You are the tamed magical beast. In the chilly wilderness, you and your grandma Dayona maintain order. You have to take your grandmother's position as the greatest tamer and set out on a treacherous quest to prevent the kingdom from turning into a snowy grave. Discover all the Books of Spells to become a more potent tamer! Gather the energy spheres in order to trade them for the enchanted animals! Collect every enchanted charm to safeguard yourself against malevolent spirits! In the Bonus Chapter, save the Spirit of Fire and bring harmony back to Wintersea!

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