Mystical Riddles: Behind doll eyes Collector’s Edition

What mysteries do everyday toys conceal?
Can life be restored to the dead?

As a mystical case investigator detective, you receive a call from a woman who is worried about her fiancé's actions. She worries that her potential daughter-in-law is connected to a sinister group. When you first visit their house, you notice that the fiancée is not who she seems to be. You decide to look into it and discover the shocking reality. However, you will have to find the person or people responsible for all of the paranormal activity. Look for the items that will help you progress your investigation, solve difficult puzzles, and identify the perpetrator! Test your cunning as you go through an incredible detective thriller in this thrilling new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure. Finding out why a married couple is being haunted by a hellhound is revealed in the Bonus Chapter! Replay your favorite mini-games and puzzles to gain the achievements! Take use of extra materials including concept art, wallpapers, audio, and more! Gather objects that will provide you with additional information about the magical things!

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