Legacy: Witch Island. Origin

Can you escape the Enchanted Forest in Legacy: Witch Island? You are being held captive by the Witch.

You turned up in the Enchanted Forest while searching for your sister after she vanished. It didn't take long for you to conclude that your sister's absence had something to do with the Old Watch breaking, and that the Witch who had escaped from captivity would take control of the Forest unless you could put it back together. Will you be able to disenchant the Forest with just your knowledge and abilities? You'll pass through a number of breathtaking locations, like the Insect World, the Underwater Kingdom, and the Mysterious Forest. You'll have to disenchant the Witch's charmed animals along the route. You will eventually discover your sister, vanquish the Witch, and unravel the mystery of the Watch. Captivating views of the enchanted woodland are among the features that make this place special. The utilization of hog-scenes in an unconventional way. Multiple Logic minigames. You can choose not to do the object search. The storyline is intended for five to six hours of gameplay.

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