Dig The Ground 3

The goal is to finish all of the game's levels.
but to do so you must from chains of gemstones.

Embark on a journey through a vibrant and expansive game world, adorned with a multitude of colorful levels spanning varying degrees of difficulty. The ultimate objective remains to attain the coveted gold chest, a symbol of triumph and accomplishment. To progress, tiles must be demolished, and every bloom must be nourished with water, ensuring their vitality. By linking gemstones of identical hue, chains are forged, each contributing to the escalating magnitude of explosions that ensue with each gathering of objects.




- Forty meticulously crafted levels await completion, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for mastery.

- Choose from three distinct game modes, each offering a tailored gameplay experience to suit every preference.

- Immerse yourself in vivid animation and lively gameplay, where every interaction bursts with color and excitement.

- Indulge in seven to eight hours of immersive gaming, ensuring ample entertainment and engagement for extended play sessions.

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