Crossroad of Worlds: Mirrored Earths Collector’s Edition

Set off on a fantastical quest to track down the world-destroying entity and put an end to the chaos!

Worlds Tracker has reopened for business! A simple case takes an unusual turn when an intruder breaks the antique mirror collection in an art museum. When you investigate the incident at your uncle's request he owns an investigative agency you find the shocking truth: the ancient mirrors are portals to fascinating parallel universes! It's up to you to preserve the other universes from the chaos caused by the mirror damage and restore prosperity to the planets inside! Take a magical journey in this riddle-filled adventure to track down the world-destructor and put an end to the madness!




- Use stunning backgrounds to keep the experience close at hand! With the fantastic extra chapter, you may develop your story and abilities!

- A selection of concept art will show you what goes on behind the scenes!

- A music player that lets you experience your adventure again!

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