Crossroad of Worlds: Magic Stars Collector’s Edition

Again, Uncle Randall, his detective agency, and the Guardian of Worlds need your help!

Uncle Randall needs your help, as does his investigative team and the Guardian of Worlds! Once more, someone has intruded among the stars of magical places! Are you familiar with the Guardian of Magical Worlds, Dreyer Crowley? Did you realize that the stars above are more than just luminous bubbles of gas and cosmic dust? Their brightness prevents the destruction and subjection of entire universes. Imagine being in the middle of the night and having all of your memories taken by someone else. What would happen if there was nowhere left to see the stars? Check your large sky via your window to see if the stars are in alignment. Have you ever wondered what happened to the characters after your shared adventures? This is your chance to run into your favorite characters from other beloved programs!





- Discover amazing, previously undiscovered worlds!

- Gather every star to help the people of the planet relive their memories!

- A profusion of captivating riddles is sure to captivate the interest of all!

- Complete the main game to visit a real Magic Bar and gain access to a bonus chapter!

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