Crossroad of Worlds 100 Doors Collector’s Edition

What's happening at that mansion?
Discover more in the 100 Doors Collector's Edition of Crossroad of Worlds.

Can you solve the mysterious riddles of your uncle? You have total control over it! You inherit your late uncle's mansion. In addition, the deceased relative sends you a letter and a bundle of keys that indicate that the mansion is more complex than it first seems and that beyond each door lie alternate realities and routes to the past and future. You have a great chance to discover the mansion by going places, opening doors, and speaking with individuals who can tell you the real story about your uncle! Discover new and fascinating worlds and universes, interact with characters from your favourite games, solve a ton of challenging riddles and puzzles, and discover all the answers!





- Find out who sent you the enigmatic letter in the Bonus Chapter! Engage in your preferred mini-games and riddles!

- Get stars to progress through the game!

- Appreciate an assortment of Hidden-Object scenarios!

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