Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders CE

Get your thinking cap on for a thrilling detective story!
with Alphabetic Murders: Criminal Archives, CE

There are situations where much more is going on than first appears, and mishaps are not at all unintentional. Take pleasure in intriguing police investigations and discover that the ability to act without thinking for longer than five seconds and the strength of one's character distinguish excellent detectives from terrible ones. Do you possess these qualities? A local constable named Melinda Watson approaches you to ask for help with a case. As soon as you start working on the case, you find new evidence that links the three killings. They were either business associates or acquaintances. The fact that these deaths are not random becomes increasingly apparent the further you go. You watch as a man wearing a mask breaks into the home of one of the victims and takes his documents. Norma, his wife, is shocked and says she didn't know her husband had such important documents. Are you able to distinguish between the truth and lies? Get your brains together for a thrilling detective thriller in this brand-new, heart-pounding hidden-object puzzle adventure!





- Bonus Chapter. You'll have access to more missions that will captivate you and challenge your investigative skills once you've finished the main story! You'll have to deal with a famous person's unexpected allergy after trying on a dress in addition to protecting your friend from unfounded accusations!

- An extensive range of successes! Get ready for exciting riddles, difficult minigames, and lots of hidden objects! A ton of awards that will highlight your achievements will be yours if you act like a real investigator!

- A compelling storyline! Invest your free time in learning about the world of detectives! You won't be disappointed with the story's constantly developing plot, mood, riddles, or anything else!

- Accent pieces! Explore every vibrant location for hidden treasures and artifacts. Show off how valuable your research skills are!

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