Connected Hearts: The Full Moon Curse Collectors Edition

Can you discern between those who are your allies and those who are your enemies?

Think of a quiet, serene woodland. Riviera, a healer, sees her beloved Mark covered in blood while she and her teacher Harriet are gathering herbs. There's a wild animal bite on him! The therapy is failing: Mark is turning into a monster. However, are werewolves, not fictional characters? Gregor is a vicious witch-hunter who follows Riviera everywhere, leaving her with little time to consider the situation. He wants to shield the town's residents from Riviera since he believes she is a witch. Will Riviera and Mark make it? Will they be able to tell who is an ally and who is an enemy?





- You need to save your fiancée when she gets abducted by a terrifying creature in the bonus game! Lots of hidden medicines, morphing figurines, and collecting feathers are waiting to be found!

- Go through your preferred HOPs and mini-games once more! Downloadable concept art, soundtrack, wallpapers, boudoir, and more are all included!

- You won't ever get lost if you use the strategy guide!

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