Clear It 12

Do you feel up to the challenge?
Can you finish all 230 of ClearIt 12's levels?

Do you feel up to the challenge? There are 230 levels in the game that you must finish to win. A pattern of balls is seen in the center of the field. There are balls to shoot with at the four corners of the field: up, down, right, and left. Select a ball from the row nearest the field, then click to send it flying. It will proceed straight ahead until it runs into another ball or the field's edge. After that, the balls of the same color will disappear if they are next to each other. Try to shoot every ball in the field to make it disappear. There is no time limit on the game, but as you move through the stages and the five various game modes, the complexity rises.





- 230 stages

- lively action and eye-catching graphics

- Ten hours of gaming

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