Christmas Fables: Holiday Guardians Collector’s Edition

Despite all the challenges, use your guile and festive enthusiasm to bring Santa to the children!

It's up to you to make a choice! Despite all the challenges, you must use your guile and festive spirit to deliver Santa to the kids in the new game! This time, you'll be thrown into a Christmas tale. Explore Santa's factory, form bonds with enchanted creatures, rescue Christmas, and celebrate with joy! A fascinating adventure awaits you in our latest game! You'll have to cope with what's threatening the festive atmosphere by solving a ton of riddles, hunting for objects, and playing your favourite hidden object games! Test your cunning as you go through an incredible detective thriller in this thrilling new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure.





- Make decisions, adapt, and decide how you want the tale to end!

- Play your preferred minigames and puzzles again to unlock several achievements!

- Appreciate the added content!

- Be on the lookout for various collectables!

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