Time Twins Mosaics

Experience history come to life as you solve puzzles and journey through the annals of business!

You are invited to take a tour of the past with the Time Twins and their companions. Select a persona and accompany the group to relive the history of travel, business, and invention as you go across decades and centuries. You will adore Time Twins Mosaics if you enjoy playing picross games. And now is the perfect moment to give one a try if you haven't before! Place multicoloured tiles into a grid and uncover a picture by using numerical clues. In the early Industrial Era, you'll find some simple and entertaining problems to complete. However, by the time you get to the Space Age, you'll be up against large, multicoloured grids that will challenge even the most seasoned puzzle solver. But this is no typical P=picross game, and the excitement doesn't end after you solve the first problem. The pictures you'll find at each level contribute to a more comprehensive portrayal of the relevant historical period. When the stage is complete, you may see the scenario you've put together come to life! Playing Time Twins Mosaics can be calming, demanding, and even unexpected at times! It has 100 levels spread over 20 stages, each of which represents a distinct era of modern history, starting with the days of coal and steam and ending with the advent of space flight.





- A vibrant journey through time!
- Come along on the adventure with the Time Twins!
- Picross like you've never seen it before!
- An enduring game of picross!
- Put your cunning to the test across time!
- In this puzzling adventure, relive historical events!

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