Avalon Legends Solitaire 2

You hold the power to decide Camelot's future!
Aid in bringing it back to its heyday!

Camelot's fate is in your hands! The Druids of Avalon use their magic cards to channel the powers of nature and weave tremendous spells of growth and healing. Their magic, however, has laws, and the cards must be arranged in the correct order by a careful hand in order to activate. Use the power of the cards to journey throughout Avalon over 300 expertly constructed stages of intriguing solitaire in order to obtain the materials needed to restore the kingdom to glory. Avalon Solitaire 2 is both peaceful and demanding, with 24 power-ups, over 30 structures to rebuild and reap advantages from, wild cards, jokers, hazards, and more, making it a must-play for solitaire aficionados!





- 300 addictive solitaire levels!

- Rebuild Camelot with over 30 structures!

- Utilize the power of 24 unique power-ups!

- High-resolution graphics bring Camelot to life

- Two difficulty options to fit your playing style

- Excellent characters and plot

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