Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles

Arizona Rose embarks on a new journey after making a coincidental discovery!

Arizona Rose: modest antique collector or expert treasure hunter? Arizona comes upon some old maps while shopping for exotic antiques, which reveal out to be the key to Blackbeard's hidden treasures! But the locations of the jewels are hidden behind a sophisticated code, which Arizona needs your help to decipher.Join Arizona on her epic treasure-hunting adventure, with 200 levels of picross to solve and various treasures to discover. Along the way, you'll find strong objects to aid you, as well as hidden object scenarios and other fun mini-games. You can also demonstrate your puzzle-solving abilities by collecting all 15 achievements!Whether you're a seasoned solver or a newcomer, Arizona Rose and the Pirates' Riddles will keep you coming back for more. At the end, there's always one more puzzle to solve, one more cave or shipwreck to explore, and one more treasure to bring home!

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