Avalon Legends Solitaire

This is a tough, addicting, and soothing variation of solitaire at its finest.

Avalon. A land of rich forests, vast plains, and towering mountains... and, most importantly, magic! The Druids of Avalon wield great healing magic, which they activate with magic cards. The magic of the cards, like that of runestones, is awakened by arranging them in the precise order. Travel through 200 different levels, collecting magical cards along the way to rebuild the Deck of Nature. Set up massive combos to boost your score multiplier, and cash in your earnings for strong bonus goods at the store. Gather wild cards and utilize them properly to attain flawless results! This is the pinnacle of solitaire: peaceful, addictive, and tough. Legends of Avalon Solitaire will provide you with hours of card-stacking enjoyment, with 12 extra items to purchase, 13 rewards to unlock, and many difficulties to tackle along the way.

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